About ME


I’ve approached the world of computers and automation since I was young, thanks to the background given by my family

(Stein Ltd., a company of Robotics and Industrial Automation), beginning with developing control software in Fortran for an anthropomorphic robot, before achieving middle school.

I obtained the High school diploma in Technical Computer Expert with excellent votes, ending the study path with the creation of a Robot Mobile (project made only for personal interest), which can recognize obstacles (avoiding them) and define an environment map of the room where it’s placed (using an onboard PIC 16F84 Microcontroller programmed in assembler). I’m also fond of electronics and mechanical.

I’m a martial art practitioners and i have always despised mental borders and limit that people impose.

Professional, enthusiastic, competitive: three adjectives wich can describes my approach to work at best.
Thanks to my ingrown desire of knowledge, I can keep a vital and dynamic look on a industry that, just as such, requires constant adaptation of skills and competencies. I’m quick to grasp ideas and to develop innovative and creative problems solutions.
I can work hardly alone or within a team, according to the belief that the synergy between more professionals can lead to a better result.
Also under pressure i’m able to maintain control and act wisely.
Still in my goals and conscious of my ability, I offer a reliable and competent service, without sacrificing a young approach, gritty and original.


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